Review of “The Solution Revolution”

book_coverMy review of Bill Eggers’ and Paul Macmillan’s new book, “The Solution Revolution: How Business, Government, and Social Enterprises Are Teaming Up to Solve Society’s Toughest Problems” is now available through George Washington University’s student-run policy journal.  Check it out.

The book delves into a phenomenon I often discuss on this blog and elsewhere–the trend towards social consciousness and social impact. Eggers and Macmillan, both from Deloitte, name this trend the “Solution Economy,” but others have deemed it the “Impact Economy,” the “Social Economy,” or more recently, the “Purpose Economy.” Whatever you call it, Eggers and Macmillan provide a useful framework to consider how different organizational actors work together to solve social problems.

Please read the full review and let me know what you think. But the bottom line is that the “Solution Revolution” is a necessary book combining disparate schools of thought on how to solve social problems. They gloss over a lot, but their simplification makes the concepts more accessible. Their explicit focus on cross-sector collaboration is a unique addition to other literature discussing our global focus on social impact.

Again, you can read the review in PDF form here. You can also check out the full site on the book.


One thought on “Review of “The Solution Revolution”

  1. This book really delves deeply into the shift of being socially responsible in business and our personal lives. I hope we’ll see even more of this thinking in the future. The book is well written and the authors knowledgeable. For centuries, unmet social needs have elicited action and non-profits have long been at the forefront of these efforts.

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